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人人美剧编辑部 23小时前









       When Kevin Smith signed on to direct an episode of “The Flash,” chances are the cast didn’t realize just how big a fan he was. After getting introduced to the show by lifelong friend — and frequent collaborator — Jason Mewes though, how could he not?

“The only reason I have ‘The Flash’ job is because of him,” Smith tells Zap2it. After a lot of convincing from Mewes and a viewing of the Season 2 episode “The Fury of Firestorm,” which introduced King Shark into the world, Smith became a devoted fan of the series.

“I really fell in love with it,” he says. “That show reads very much like the ‘Flash’ comic book I read in the late ’80s and early ’90s functioned. Each episode plays like a standalone issues and has the same heart, humor and spectacle that the comics had.”

“When I’m not doing comedy, the thing I’m most adept at is emotional shit.”

That emotion will be on full display one week after Barry (Grant Gustin) seemingly disintegrated while trying to get his speed back.

“You see that Barry’s mom in the episode and that always raises that show to the best level it can be — whenever they introduce Nora (Michelle Harrison) and whenever they do Barry and Nora stuff,” he explains. “The Season 1 finale was one of my favorite hours of TV ever produced. I cracked the script that Zack wrote and it’s pretty much a spiritual sequel to the Season 1 finale with the mom stuff.”

So while Smith won’t guarantee you’ll cry watching Barry and his mom interact, the possibility is definitely there.

“We have a chance to slice open the chest of the viewer, pull out their heart and eat it right in front of them. And watch them love it, because it’s so heartbreakingly good,” he says.


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现在大部分美剧都冬歇了 搞的我没有美剧看了只能追韩剧了

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